Paragraph : An Interesting Football Match

An Interesting Football Match

A few days ago I witnessed an enjoyable football match. The game took place between two leading teams of Bangladesh-- Abahani and Mohammadan. The match started on time. The first fifteen minutes of the game remained unscored. The players tried very hard but fail to score any goal. Then suddenly one of Abahani's players found an opportunity and attempted a shot at the goalpost of Mohammadan. The goalkeeper of Mohammadan saved the goal by punching and clearing the ball out of the goalpost. The resulted in a corner. One of the Abahani's players took the corner kick and another scored a goal from the crowd in front of Mohammadan's goalpost. After that players of Mohammadan got furious. They attacked continuously again and again but remained unsuccessful throughout the first half. After that first half, players of Mohammadan maintained their attack. They became successful just three minutes before the end of the game. One of the players of Mohammadan scored a goal literary at his single effort. He carried on the ball from the midfield and found the goalpost after dribbling and avoiding three defenders and the goalkeeper of Abahani. After that none of both the teams could score any more goals. It was a tied game.
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