Composition : Honesty


Honesty means to develop a practice of speaking the truth throughout life. An Honest person shows good behaviour, always follows rules and regulations, maintains discipline, speaks the truth, and is punctual. An honest person is trustworthy as he always tends to speak the truth.

It is the universal fact that honesty is the most valuable of all human traits. Although the number of unfaithful ones is more than faithful, the latter will still be glorified. Thus honestly, it has always been considered an important trait. This is a sign of a person’s strengthened character.

A major component for developing moral character is honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity, and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, stealing, greed, and other immoral attributes have no part in honesty. Honesty is valuable and it is the habit of utmost importance.

Honesty is always admirable in the family, civil society, friends, and across the globe. A person with honesty is respected by all. Parents showing honest behaviour and character in front of their children create an impact on the children.

Honesty is one of the critical components of every human relationship. From the relationship between parents and their children to the relationship between a boss and his employee, honesty is necessary to maintain trust in each other. The pillar of the link will remain weak in the absence of morality. The sole aim of any contact should be to maintain reliability with one’s partner. The partners involved in an honest connection will be popular amongst their acquaintances because of their essential quality.

On the other hand, being dishonest is a sin in all religions. However, people practice it for their short time benefits and selfishness. They never become morally strong and their life becomes miserable.

Honesty plays an important role in everyone’s life and it is a character that is visible with open eyes like an open book. It is the real character a person earns in life by being sincere and dedicated towards it. Lack of honesty in society is doom. It is due to the lack of proper interpersonal relationships between parents-children and student-teachers. Honesty is a practice that is built slowly and patiently.

Home and school are the places where a child learns moral ethics. The education system should include some essential habits and practices to keep a child close to morality. Children must be instructed right from the beginning and their childhood to practice honesty. Youths of any country are the future of that country so they should be given better opportunities to develop moral character so that they can lead their country in a better way.

Honesty is the ultimate solution. Corruption and various problems are everywhere in society. It is because of the decreasing number of honest people. It is very important and necessary for us that we bring honesty back in society so that everything goes in a natural manner.

Moral ethics of a person is known through honesty. If all the people seriously practise getting honest, then society will become an ideal society free of all corruption and evils. People should realize the value of honesty in order to manage social and economic balance. Honesty is an essential requirement in modern times. Honesty acts as a catalyst in strengthening our willpower to face and fight any odds in life.
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