Composition : Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (R)

Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (R)

Hazrat Abu Hanifa (R) is the founder of Hanafi Majhab. His sur name was Abu Hanifa. Since his name was Abu Hanifa and that is why his majhab is introduced as Hanafi Majhab.

Actually, his origin name is Numan. His nickname was Abu Hanifa. He was known especially as Abu Hanifa. His father's name was Sabbit. He was an Arab.

Abu Hanifa was very meritorious, scholar and has sharp knowledge from his early childhood. As a profession, he chose the trade at first. Later on, he was inspired to acquire knowledge of Quran and Sunnah by taking the suggestion of a great saint.

When he was seventeen years old, he dedicated himself to acquire knowledge of fundamental principles of Quran, Sunnah. Qiyas, Izma etc. and achieved a perfect sense in this regard. He was fully absorbed in acquiring knowledge of Fikah of principles. He had paramount qualities in every sphere of knowledge. He was the great saint, also a learned man in his period. He kept constantly fasting for thirty years. He performed the pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca fifty-five times.

He quotes the principles of Fikah. He established/founded. "A Fikah Editing Board" with his forty talented students. He worked hard within 22 years in this regard. He established "the Ilmul Fikah". as a complete Shariah.

He wrote a lot of books of Islamic sense. Some of his masterpieces are named: (i) Musnad-e-Abu Hanifa (ii) Al-Fiqtul Akbar (iii) Osiyatu Abu Hanifa etc. He breathed his last (in 767 A.D.) Hizri in 150.
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