Composition : The Horse

The Horse

The horse is a four-footed animal, having two eyes, a nose, two ears, and a tail. Its hair is short and smooth. It has no horn. It is a beneficial, vegetarian, and domestic animal.

The horse is found in almost all the countries in the world. Its legs are slender but strong enough to run few miles at a stretch without any break. Especially Arabian Horse is very famous for its ability to run very fast from others.

Horses can be found in different sizes, and shape depending upon their breed and genes. And the quality and quantity of the food they have daily could also affect it. It is of various colours: white brown, black, or a mixture of such colours. It eats grass, leaves, grains, etc.

The male horse is called 'stallion', and the female 'mare'. A male baby horse is called 'colt', and a female baby horse is 'foal'. Pony is a smaller type of horse. Generally, a mother horse gives birth to 1 or exceptionally two foals at a time. The period of pregnancy to the birth of a foal is almost 11 months for an average female horse, which may be less or higher depending upon their breed.

The horse is an intelligent animal. It can be trained and tamed easily. It is obedient to its master. Horses were domesticated by humans some 5000 years ago. Humans had their first horse as domestic animals in around 3000 BC. In ancient days, when transport facilities were limited, horses were used as vehicles for long journeys. It is used for carrying men and load. It is used in war, circus, races, to draw carriages, and even in ploughing the field for cultivation.

Horses like to live in grassy areas or fields where they can eat grass, leaves, and other greenery in the area. The life span of horses is 25 to 30 years depends upon their living conditions.

Horses also don’t need an extended period for sleep, but they can sleep in naps for a short time.

Generally, horses are kept in “Stable”. It is a building in which exceptionally horses are preserved and made up of wood. This building divides different animals into their 'Mews'.

Horses are generally prey animals. Their first reaction to the threat is to flee. And sometimes, they fight for their ground or grassland and can also compete for their child or foals.

Because of their physiology, horses are suitable for many works and entertainment also. Some particular breeds of horses are very quiet and beautiful. Most horses who are domesticated for pulling carts or as personal pets on farms are adorable.

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The horse is a domestic animal. It is called a noble animal. It is very intelligent.

The horse has four strong legs. It has a long head, two ears and two eyes. It has a short tail with long hair. Its body is covered with glossy short hair. It has no horns. It has mane on its long neck. Its hoofs are not divided. Its appearance is beautiful.

There are horses of many kinds in the world. The Arabian horses are famous. They are strong, swift and beautiful. Horses are found almost all over the world. In the forests, we find wild horses.

The horse is noble and gentle by nature. It is faithful to its master. It does not lie down. It sleeps standing. It can run very fast. The mare gives birth to one colt at a time. Long ago it was a wild animal (বন্য জন্তু). At present,   it has become pet to men.

The horse lives on grass, gram, hay and vegetables. It does not chew the cud like the cow. The horse draws the cart and plough. We ride on it. It is used in circuses to show tricks. It is used in battles. Hunters use it. It is used also by police. Horse race is amusement in many countries of the world.

The horse is very beautiful to look at. It helps us in many ways. The Arabs drink its milk. In some countries, it ploughs the land. During wartime it can help us in many respects.

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Paragraph : The Horse
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