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There are many essential things that we need in life, like food, water, and clothes. Another thing that we need in life is cleanliness. It’s one of the things that we need to learn and make a part of our lives.

Cleanliness refers to the state of being clean. It is something that must not be forced but encouraged. Cleanliness is a good habit that can enhance the quality of one’s life.

Most importantly, parents and teachers must encourage this habit from an early age. This will ensure the awareness of cleanliness. It is not a tough task to complete, rather cleanliness is quite easy. One should never make the mistake of compromising with cleanliness. It is essential for the health and well-being of humans and animals.

You need to keep your surroundings clean if you want to avoid diseases. One of the things that happen if we don’t keep things fresh and tidy is that it becomes a breeding place for bugs. If you keep your environment clean, you will not fall ill.

It lessens the chances of any viruses or bacteria harming us. When you stay clean and keep the environment clean, you are less likely to fall ill. You can enjoy good health and lead an active lifestyle. It will keep you physically fit and also enhance your lifespan. Cleanliness is vital for one’s health and spiritual development.

When we talk about our personal lives, we can maintain cleanliness by bathing regularly. It is very important to wash our hands before eating food. This will ensure no bacteria enter our body.

We must always eat healthy food and consume clean water. Avoid eating out often and drinking water from unclean sources. Personal hygiene must be taken care of. Remember to trim our nails timely before they grow long. Maintaining the habit of brushing and flossing twice a day for oral hygiene. We must clean our house daily to get rid of dust.

You need to keep the country clean as well. Many people think that keeping your house clean is enough. However, you should realize that you need to keep your country clean too. Instead of thinking that it’s someone else’s responsibility, you need to take on yourself to make sure that you don’t contribute negatively to the country’s environment.

There are various ways in which you can keep the country clean. One of the first and most important ways is to stop littering the roads and public places. It would be best if you started thinking of public places as your home and treated them the same way. If a person litter, other people also begin littering, so you need to make sure that you don’t start such things around you.

Everyone must maintain cleanliness. Whether it is an individual effort or the collective effort of the government. If everyone does their bit responsibly, we can make the earth cleaner and greener.
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