Composition : All that Glitters is not Gold

All that Glitters is not Gold

The proverb “All that glitters is not gold” is a statement that defines not all physical appearances are pleasing but can mislead. Gold is a precious chemical element that emits spectacular glitter. Glitter is also a characteristic of a lot of other substances. These substances are not gold and are of inferior quality.

“All that glitters is not gold” phrase essentially means that not everything that is shiny is valuable. This is because some things can be superficially attractive only.

People act in a charming manner when they try to deceive. This charm can certainly fool many people. If somebody is being nice to you does not mean they have your best interests in mind. They may behave in a pleasant way but it does not mean they are telling the truth.

In today’s world, beauty personifies the parameters of external appearances such as facial features, body fitness, beauty products, and shimmery clothes. These are the signs that define harmony and attract people. The chasing game to become externally beautiful forgets the existence of inner beauty.

When one uses logical reasoning and rational thinking, not all people turn out to be gold. The idea of all that glitters could evoke thoughts of splendour or superficial beauty. People must not allow themselves to be blinded by material appearances. They must look into the core of things and make informed judgments about them.

It often happens that something that is too good turns out to be useless. Whenever someone offers you something too good to be true, it is a warning sign. Probably, this thing being offered is not what it seems. One must analyze that thing from every angle before making a decision.

The quality of something is not decided based on the outer appearance. A diamond is a miracle from a coal mine, and lotus blooms in the mud. Similarly, a well-dressed person gets all the attention and admiration. At times such people might also possess evil or unethical features. Likewise, a person with ugly features or dirty clothes is not always beautiful at heart.

Poor people often get fascinated by the lifestyle of wealthy people. They have a strong desire to become rich and wealthy. What they don’t realize is that rich people have problems of their own. Many rich people have many family problems and suffer from depression.

The entertainment industry is a notable example. From the outside, the entertainment appears very attractive and interesting to work in. The glamour associated with the entertainment industry makes people obsessed with it. The inside reality is quite dark. Several struggling actors are made to do disgraceful things in order to succeed.

Some friends may pose as lovely and beautiful people face to face. However, they might be the ones behind the negative comments and talks. This is a clear case of “All that glitters is not gold”.

We all get drifted away by the outer appearance, but it is our intelligence that guides us to judge and appreciate a person’s inner beauty. "All that glitters is not gold” is the belief system of a logical and intelligent person. The statement reflects a mature outlook on life. The one who believes in this would almost never regret his life choices.
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