Paragraph : How we Observe International Mother Language Day

How we Observe International Mother Language Day

The language movement is a very important event in the history of Bengali nation as well as the world history as no other nation has shed blood for its mother tongue. Now it is a matter of pride and great honour to us as UNESCO has declared the 21st February, the Martyrs Day, as the International Mother Language Day. Now the 21st of February is considered a red-letter day. Now it is observed all over the world as the International Mother Nature Day with great respect and enthusiasm. It is observed as a national mourning day in our country. On the day national flag is hoisted half-mast in government buildings and offices. People of all classes bring out a procession named the 'Provat Ferry' where they walk barefooted and sing the sad song. 'Amar bhayer rokte rangano ekushe February, amiki bhulite pari......'. They also place flowers and floral wreaths at the foot of the Shahid Minar to pay homage to the martyrs. Meetings, discussion programmes, seminars and cultural programmes and shows are organized all over the country to discuss and show the significance of the day. Fairs and exhibitions are held at different places on the occasion of the day. Publication of books and pamphlets on the occasion is also a common event. Newspapers and magazines also bring out special programmes highlighting the importance of the day The day is observed as a day of great significance in our national life.
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