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Paragraph : A Garment Worker

A Garment Worker

Garment industry is the main source of earning foreign exchange in our country. About 70% of our total foreign income comes from the garment sector. A garment worker in our country is usually a person from lower-class or lower-middle-class family. About 80% of the total garment workers of our country are women. They have no education and skill needed to work in the garment factories. The working condition in a garment factory is not healthy. The workers work in congested and hot rooms. Fire accidents often take place in the garment factories in our country. As a result, the workers suffer from lack of proper safety, measures. Besides, the workers are to work with heavy machines and tools which cause harm to their lungs. So, they suffer from many diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Again, there is a want of cordial employer-worker relationship in the garment factories of our country. This worsens the standard of work of the workers. In order to develop the atmosphere in a garment factory, the employers have to adopt safety measures for the workers against fire accidents, develop the employer-worker relationship and pay them sufficiently. The employers also should be careful about the health of the workers.

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