Composition : The Mosque

The Mosque

The Mosque is an Islamic holy place. It is called Masjid in Arabic. It normally means 'the place of prostration’ because anyone can make a mosque anywhere in the world as long as a Muslim kneels to prostrate.

To recognize there are many unique features which one can tell it is a Mosque. There are two things that differentiate as to whether it is a Mosque or not. They are the Dome and the Mihrab.

The Dome is a vital part of the Mosque as it allows the air and makes the Mosque Prayer Hall cooler. It is built on top of the Prayer Hall as it amplifies the human voice.

The Mihrab is a niche set in the wall facing Makkah. They are beautifully decorated with tiles also text from The Qur’an. This is sometimes called the ‘niche of lights’ and represents the presence of Allah in the heart of believer’s.

During prayers, the leader is able to use the prayer mat in the Mihrab itself. The leader is called the Imam. He is who leads preaches, ceremonies, the Namaz and many other religious functions. He teaches The Qur’an to children and also teaches how to live according to the Qur’an.

The Prayer Hall is the most essential part of a Mosque. It is used for praying the Namaz.

A Mosque is used for funerals and other ceremonies. It is a large space of area where all the men gather and pray. It is also a command from Allah that every Muslim pray five times a day.

The decoration most of the Mosque is beautifully decorated with Islamic patterns and text’s from The Qur’an. In any Mosque there will not be any statues, pictures. Because it is strictly forbidden in Islam. Islam teaches that Allah is too grand for the human to even attempt to draw, hence it is prohibited to do that.
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