Paragraph : Mass Media

Mass Media

The media by which it can be communicated with a large number of people at the same time is called mass media. It is also considered as the media of forming public opinion. There are two kinds of mass media in the present world. They are electronic media and print media. The electronic media are radio, television, cinema and internet. On the other hand, the print media are newspapers, magazines, periodicals etc. By using these media it can easily be sent massage to far people. There are many importance of mass media. We can know in an instant what is happening at the farthest corner of the world through mass media. It helps us to provide the mews of home and aboard. It awakens us about any foul weather. It helps to reveal the news of people's misery so that concerned authorities can take necessary steps. Mass media is not only source of news and recreation but also it many be an instrument of education. Radio, television and newspaper are very helpful for spreading education. Illiterate people also can be benefited through these mass media. Television that is a popular media of mass communication often telecast distance-learning programs. In spite of leaving all these benefits, mass media has some demerits too. Sometimes, mass media create misunderstanding among the people providing false and baseless news. Besides, satellite channels often telecast some vulgar programs that damage the moral character of our young generation. Therefore, the use of mass media should be significant.
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