Paragraph : Campus Violence

Campus Violence

When the clashes are caused in education campus among the rival political groups is called campus violence At present, the campuses of educational institutions have turned into fertile ground for violence. Instead of concentrating on studies, many students take arms in their hands. Democracy teaches tolerance but the students are far away from the teaching of democracy. Students should take part in politics but this does not mean terrorism. However, the main reason for campus violence is spreading supremacy. Students have become puppets of the hands of the so-called narrow-minded politicians. These self-centred narrow-minded politicians exploit the innocent students and encourage them terrorism by supplying them with weapons. Campus violence causes serious harm to the students. Authorities have to close the educational institution due to campus violence. Sometimes, campus violence snatches away many valuable life of the innocent students. However, it must be eradicated at any cost. Awareness must be raised among the students about the bad effect of politics.
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