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HSC Preparation 2022

Story : There is a Treasure in the Field

Read the beginning of the story. Add at least ten new sentences to complete the story. Give a suitable title to it.

Once there lived an old farmer. He had two sons. They were strong but lazy....................

There is a Treasure in the Field

Once there lived an old farmer. He had two sons. They were strong but lazy. They slept all day long in the shade. They did not bother to help their old father to plough or water and cultivate the field. Just before he died, the farmer said to his sons: “My dear boys, I have a secret, I always hid it from you. I was afraid to tell you earlier lest you should waste the money hidden in my field. But now, before I die, I have to tell you the truth.” Soon after their father’s death, the boys met together and argued: “Dad said that in the field there is a treasure, that if we dig it out, we would find it. Most likely, the treasure is hidden close to the house, so that robbers might not easily take it away. Come on! Let us begin our work!”. The two sons took their spades and started digging the field. They dug hard but could not find any treasure. So they gave work and went back to sleep. Now that the field was so well dug, the melons grew big and juicy. The sons picked the melons and sold them at the market. People paid a lot of money for them. The sons realised that the melons were the treasure. From that day, they started working hard in the field.

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