Story : Talent Never Goes in Vain

Read the beginning of the story. Add at least ten new sentences to complete the story. Give a suitable title to it.

Karim is a talented boy of a village. Always he dreams of becoming a famous singer. One day he got on opportunity....................

Talent Never Goes in Vain

Karim is a talented boy of a village. Always he dreams of becoming a famous singer. One day he got on opportunity for fulfilling his dream. A man on a rickshaw was announcing something with his mike. Karim slowly went nearer and understood that a music competition was going to be held at the Upazila town nearby. The winner would get an opportunity to participate in a natural music competition in Dhaka. The interested persons were invited to apply. Karim filled up an application form and was allowed to take part. On the due day, he went to the Upazila Sadar and entered the town hall. The music contest began. When it was Karim’s turn, he ascended the stage with a trembling heart and presented a patriotic song. The whole audience was charmed at his beautiful performance. He won the first prize. Karim was now selected for a bigger contest. On the scheduled date, he went to the Shilpakala Academy in Dhaka. The completion started. Boys and girls presented their songs in a big hall. The audience was enchanted. Now Karim was called to sing. He went before the microphone and presented a song of the liberation war. The audience was amazed at the tone and talent of the prodigious boy. They greeted him with huge applause. Now it was the time for announcing the names of winners. The third and second prizes went to a boy and a girl from Dhaka city. Karim was frustrated and left all hope for an award. He couldn’t believe his ears when the presenter announced his name as the winner of the contest. Next day, Karim’s picture was published on the front page of some national dailies. A company proposed to release his music album, and he accepted. Karim now became a music star.
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