Composition : Punctuality


Punctuality means doing something at the agreed or proper time. A punctual man does his duties according to a schedule, so he can finish them on time. But an unpunctual man who starts late cannot do so. ‘Time is money’ says the proverb. A punctual man can utilise the valuable time but and unpunctual man wastes his time and, therefore, becomes a loser. He cannot do his work properly, so he cannot shine in life.

Punctuality is of great value to a student. An unpunctual boy who is late in the class will miss a part of his lesson, and fall behind other students. But a punctual student learns his lesson in time and fares well in the examination.

Punctuality is the key to success in business. A businessman has to do much work and deal with many people. If he is not punctual he will lose his customers and suffer loss. The importance of punctuality is great in other professions also. A doctor’s unpunctuality might kill a patient. The unpunctual lawyer will lose his case and, therefore, his clients. Hence, the importance of punctuality in all spheres of life cannot be denied. Unpunctuality in some cases in discourteous. If you are unpunctual in keeping appointment with a person, he may very reasonably feel slighted. Finally, punctual habits make us healthy while unpunctual habits are harmful to our health.
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