Composition : Our Cultural Heritage

Our Cultural Heritage

Culture in traditions. According to Rabindranath Tagore education is a piece of diamond and culture is the emission of light therefrom. Tradition always moulds culture. Henceforth, the concept of the cultural heritage grows. Our linguistic history and our cultural heritage go hand in hand as both originate from the same source.

Bangladesh has a glorious past. She has an ancient civilization. She has also a distinct socio-cultural life. This rich cultural heritage is deeply rooted in its soil. Its land and people are interdependent. This cultural heritage was not built in a day. It is the product of thousands of years. Here people of various religions live but there is a great cultural unity among them. Their Ideas, customs, ways of life have been cherished for a long ancient time. This nation has sacrificed a lot to ensure it. The valiant sons of the soil laid down their lives to protect it. We have our Bangla New Year, different social and religious festivals. These festivals have relevant to nature. They also have relevant to the religions and cultural activities of the people. They encourage local handicraft and floklore music. They contribute to the ethics and rituals that bind the society together. Musical activities cover a great part in any culture. We have a distinctive and original music. But it is a pity that now these songs are losing its originality under the influence of western music and instrument. Now, our traditional songs are being sung with western musical instruments and the original tones are being greatly altered. We have also distinction in respect of dance-culture. This has a great variety and shows our individuality.

But gradually, we are becoming accustomed to foreign culture. We are trying to copy the western culture. Young generations are becoming more inclined to western culture. With the passage of time, we are losing our good things. But we have to hold on to our culture and make the young people realize its importance.
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