Composition : E-Learning


Education system has passed a long way from its conventional one. In the modern technology-based world, education system is also greatly blessed with the support of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

E-learning refers to various kinds of electronic media and information and communication technology in education. It includes all forms of educational technology supporting learning and teaching. In this process, students must be first equipped with basic knowledge of technology such as computer, Internet, etc.

E-learning includes a great number of types of media that provide the learners and teachers with text, radio, images, animation and streaming video. It also provides them with knowledge of technology applications. E-learning can occur in or out of class. It can be self-paced, a simultaneous or synchronize learning. But it can also be face-to-face learning, that is, it can be done in conventional way with the support of technology.

E-learning through a process of evolution, has reached a greater sophisticated state from the point when education was supported with the technological aids. Previously educational activities were performed in conventional campus with departmental classes, teachers, etc. where everything was done through person-to-person activities. But now, all the activities such as registration, admission, certification, taking or giving lesson – everything is done electronically or technologically. Now, a student can get lesson or education from a teacher who is currently in an aircraft. And all these are being possible through or computer or Internet knowledge.

E-learning provides now a great store or information on a great number of websites. So, to go with the present world we must make use of this sophisticated mode of learning.
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