Paragraph : Corruption / Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption / Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption means adopting unfair means in different spheres of the society. Almost all the government sectors are now captured by a widespread corruption. According to the reports of the Transparency International Bangladesh has topped the list five times due to this cancer. Unbridled corruption is increasing day by day but, it seems, there is none to raise voice against corruption. The reasons for this corruption may be varied. The first reason for corruption is the thirst for money and wealth, for power and pelf. Political corruption diverts the general people from intrinsic patriotism. Sometimes, corruption helps to grow sexual violence or sexual absurdity. The corrupted people of these classes do not realize that by adopting corruption they harm not only society but also their own families as well. It sucks up the life blood of our economy and retards the socio-economic progression of our country. The corrupted people should be brought under the law enforcing agencies. Their wealth and money should be confiscated and they should be subjected to an exemplary punishment. The general mass should come forward to eradicate this disease from the society. Altogether ACC, the mass media both electronic and press can play significant role in this regard. Bangladesh dreams of a society free from corruption and we can fulfil it through a firm determination and devotion to the motherland.
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