Composition : Computer in the Field of Education

Computer in the Field of Education

Computer is a wonderful invention of science. In the modern technological world, there is no sector where computer is not used with a great purpose. Computer is being used tremendously in the field of medical examination, especially for diagnosing diseases, business and commerce and what not. Also in the field of education, the contribution of computer is, in a word, indisputable. There is hardly any educational institution, whether in rural or urban, where computer is not used.

Generally, the main function of computer is to store quite a number of information. The information that is stored in computer is schools, colleges and universities are definitely didactic in purpose. In the modern age, it is quite impossible to store all sorts of information as regards education only in the traditional files. So, in the educational institutions, the foremost function of computers is started through storing information, from where the teachers, the students and the authorities concerned can collect information in needed. In the classrooms, the usage of computer has already been launched in Bangladesh, whereas in the developed countries the use of computer is given importance on the basis of priority. Though Bangladesh is in an infant state in the case of the usage of computer in the field of education, some of educational institutions in urban areas have got a good output from the digital classroom.

‘Virtual campus’ is now a well-known fact in the modern era. It has opened a new door in the field of education. A student can receive virtual education when his/her teacher, maybe, starts a journey for America sitting down the seat of the aeroplane. On the other hand, the student stays at home without a real university campus. All these things have become possible with the aid of computer technology. Now connecting Internet with computers, a student can receive virtual education from any country of the world. Thus, he or she can materialize his or her dream of studying at a foreign university. In fine, it is said that in the field of education, the contribution of computer cannot be narrated in a brief description. But it is true that the students will be greatly benefited if the computer is applied properly especially in the classrooms. And according to the educationists, the usage of computer in the field of education will be more fruitful in a developing country like Bangladesh.
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