Paragraph : A Traffic Police

A Traffic Police

Traffic police are well-known persons in the towns and cities. They are the part and parcel of city life. We see them standing on the islands in the streets from morning to night. They put on a uniform, blue trousers, a blue shirt with white sleeves and a white helmet. They use an umbrella to save themselves from the scorching heat of the sun and from heavy rains. Sometimes they have sheds on the road to stand. They are engaged in controlling the movement of people and vehicles on the road. They are also engaged in minimizing jams and accidents so that people can move easily and freely. Traffic police also extend help to cross the road to those who are unable to cross it. There are traffic signals on important roads, bends, and junctions. Those who violate traffic rules are fined or taken to the custody. Sometimes they search the drivers whether they have the licenses or other necessary papers. Traffic police have heavy responsibilities. They are very punctual, sincere and dutiful. But there are some traffic police who are not sincere in their duties. But they are few in number. But they are ill-paid employees. The government should take a hand to improve their fate. Indeed they do very strenuous work for the welfare of the people.
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