Paragraph : A Tea Party

A Tea Party

Nowadays tea party has become a part and parcel of our culture. We often give a tea party to celebrate something or are often invited by our friends or relatives to take part in a tea party. At a tea party, not only tea is served but also some snacks. It is generally held in the evening or in the afternoon. Last week I took part in a tea party that was thrown by one of my bosom friends to celebrate the victory of Bangladesh football team over India in the SAF Games. All of our friends gathered at his house according to the schedule. To make accommodation and the party enjoyable my friend had totally occupied the roof for that evening and had managed a cassette player and some nice cassettes. One of his servants served some snacks among us at first. While taking the snacks we were talking about the performance of the Bangladeshi players. We grew tired discussing so much on this matter by when the tea was served we became fresh and returned to our discussion with new energy. The songs in the cassette added more pleasure to the party. Some of my friends began to dance when they heard their favourite songs on the cassette. I enjoyed the party very much and I think, in the busy world, a tea party is very effective for a social gathering.
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