Paragraph : A Scene After A Storm

A Scene After A Storm

A storm is a natural disaster. It is uncertain. Generally, it happens in the month of Baishakh and Jaistha. It is fearful. The scene creates is also terrible and fearful. In a storm, the wind blows violently. The whole sky is overcast with clouds. Rains pour in torrents. Peals of thunder and flashes of lightning frighten the people. After the storm people come out and see the effect of it with their own eyes. Roofs of houses are blown away. Human lives are lost and a great deal of property is totally destroyed. Trees and plants are uprooted and big branches of trees are broken down. Roads are blocked up. Ponds are ditches become full to the brim. Frogs are found in them. They make a strange sound. Children come out of their houses. They start to cut down the branches of the broken trees. After all, a scene of havoc is seen all around after a storm.
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