Paragraph : A Railway Porter

A Railway Porter

A railway porter is a familiar figure in a railway station. He is in his blue uniform. He always bears his registration number. He generally moves around and looks for passengers who might need his help. When the train arrives he becomes very busy, moves from this compartment to that one in search of the luggage of the passengers. Generally, a porter is a healthy person and an expert in carrying goods and luggage. He has always a piece of cloth with him for putting the goods on his head. A railway porter knows very well about the railway timing and helps the passengers. He most of the time wants to get more from the passengers beyond the fixed rate. A porter generally obeys the command of the leader, the ‘Sardar’.

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A Railway Porter is a familiar figure in our country. He carries goods at the railway station. He is poor and hard worker. He works hard all day long. A railway porter is seen only at the railway station. When train arrives, he becomes very busy. He usually wears a uniform. His uniform is blue. He looks very strong. He is able to carry heavy loads. He is very cunning too. He can easily cheat the passengers. When any passengers fall into trouble, the porter tries to take a chance. He raises his demand then. He usually likes to bargain with the passengers. However, his daily income is very low. He leads very miserable life. He lives from hand to mouth. He is one of the neglected persons in the society.
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