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Paragraph : Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family

I live in an extended family. Although I face some problems. I am, on the whole, happy there. But nowadays, nuclear family is increasing day by day. At present, life becomes very busy and survival troublesome. People are attracted to city-life where it is very difficult to maintain a large family due to the high living cost with the ever-increasing price of commodities. That is why they are attracted to nuclear family. Modern people are very conscious of the privacy of their personal life, which is impossible in an extended family. In a nuclear family, children can grow up in a suitable environment. There they are brought up with proper care, which is difficult in a large family. But in reality, the children in a nuclear family feel loneliness. They cannot share their feelings with others. Their parents remain busy most of the time. So they are mentally upset. Human mind is very sensitive. So, everyone wants to have a partner. I don’t support a nuclear family, because in it family members become self-centred in most cases. In reality of modern life, people become bound to form a nuclear family.

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