Paragraph : My Family

My Family

The family which I live in consists of my parents, me and my younger brother. That is, we have a nuclear family. In our family, my mother plays the most important role. She does a wide number of activities which include cooking, washing, nursing, tutoring etc. My father who is a govt. employee always stays outside the home during his office hour. Our whole family depends on his income. He invariably returns home in the evening and at night the becomes busy with the business he is running with some of his friends. He just earns for us. As we have a small family of only four members, my parents never fail to meet our wants. But sometimes my parents face difficulties to provide us with everything we need. Ten years ago, we lived in an extended family along with my grandparents, their several sons, and their families. Five years back, my father comes to the city and settled here permanently. From that time, we have been living in a nuclear family. Apart from this, my mother’s position in the family has now much improved than before. My father fully relies on her in every matter and there is a great understanding between them.
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