Paragraph : A Moon-Lit Night

A Moon-Lit Night

A moonlit night presents a charming aspect. The moon looks like a disc of gold. From the background of the azure, she looks simply enchanting. Sometimes she plays hide and seed behind the silken fleece of clouds. The hosts of twinkling stars surrounding her make the sky a fairyland. Rivers, canals, and tanks contain the splendid piece of the sky with the moon and the stars in their open bosoms. The trees and plants, crops and creepers- all appear bright and glistening. Such a beauty thrills the people and other creatures on earth with an ecstasy of joy. Children make merry playing games like blind man’s buff. Old people come out and sit together in groups to gossip and tell stories. The poets are moved with the pulsation of delight and compose poems. Some birds come out f their nests and hover around. Even some beasts leave their folds and run hither and thither. A moon-lit night is, in fact, a night of exquisite beauty and joy.

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A moon-lit night is really pleasing. It gives a nice view. The moon shines in the cloudless sky with all her gleams. She looks like a glossy dish of silver. The sparkling stars twinkle around the moon and make her more beautiful. The sky looks like a canopy beautified with the shining moon and glittering stars. The moon washes the whole world with her silvery light. Everything appears to be coated with silver. Rivers, canals and ponds seem to smile in the splendid moonbeam. The trees and creepers look bright and sparkling. A moon-lit night in the rural areas of Bangladesh really offers a beautiful sight. Dazzling light removes the gloom of the night. It offers a sight that cheers the mind and leaves a deep impression on it.
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