Paragraph : An Ideal Student

An Ideal Student

A good student must process some other qualities. The student who is brilliant studies, good in nature, well in behaviour, honest in thought, active inhabit and obedient to parents and teacher is an ideal student. To maintain the laws of health is another quality of an ideal student. He diligent, punctual and attentive to his lessons. He is not only active and prompt but also sociable. Rude behaviour is totally unknown to him. An ideal student is often expert in games and sports. He has much interest in doing social work. Student life is the time of preparation for the struggle of life. To make him well-fitted for the struggle knowledge is essential. But only learning does not make a student an ideal one. An ideal student cultivates the right virtues in every sphere of life. In a word, an ideal student possesses a number of good qualities and gradually he turns to be a model for other students.

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An ideal student is one who is good both in his studies and manners. He is not necessarily a brilliant student. However, he is very much regular and punctual in his studies. He attends his class regularly and listen to his teacher attentively. He also avoids politics and bad habits. An ideal student must be truthful, honest and obedient. He should always speak the truth and never tell a lie. He should say his prayers five times a day. He ought to develop love for his own country. He must be ready to dedicate his life for the welfare of the country. An ideal student participates in co-curricular activities. He also takes part in games and sports. He plays in the playground at the proper time. A sound body develops a sound mind which helps him to prosper in life. He is obedient to his parents and teachers. An ideal student studies with rapt attention. He never shirks his duty. His aim is to be great in life. He always makes proper use of time and never wastes a single moment of time. He abides by the rules of discipline in all aspects of life. He prepares his life with a noble aim. And he does everything to fulfil his aim.
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