Paragraph : Ecological Balance

Ecological Balance

The environment refers to all elements and faces – natural or man-made which exist around us. In fact, the environment comprises all of the surroundings such as air, water, forests, birds, animals, humans and so on. There exists a very close relationship among different elements of the environment. This relation is usually called ecological balance. This ecological balance is very important for the existence of all elements of the environment. It works like a chain or web. If any part of this chain or web is disturbed, the whole environment is likely to face a catastrophic change. For example, if trees are cut down, then the whole country will suffer from drought and ultimately turn into a desert. So, to save the environment from different types of disasters such as drought, flood, cyclone, earthquake and excessive rainfall, we need to maintain the ecological balance. We can maintain the ecological balance by planting more trees, saving wild animals, stopping the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.
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