Paragraph : Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug is a kind of intoxicating element that affects the nervous system of our body seriously. Drug addiction means a strong desire for a drug which the addict cannot resist. Narcotics like opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, cocaine etc. are used by the addicted. These drugs are used for their intoxicating, tranquillizing, stimulating effects. If a person gets addicted to any of these once, he cannot go without them. Drugs have terrible effects on human body. They may affect the brain and all internal functions of the body. Sudden withdrawal of drug is more dangerous. The addicts feel intense pain in the body. They sweat heavily and vomit. The treatment of drug addiction is expensive and difficult. Drug addiction is a curse of modern civilization. Drugs lead youngsters to go astray and destroy many valuable and beautiful lives. There are some reasons for drug addiction such as frustration, association, availability of intoxicant, unemployment, failure in love, degradation of religious values, lack of family ties, etc. When a young person falls into a completely hopeless situation, drugs allure him. The remedy for drug-addiction is not very easy. Drug addiction is not only a national but also a global problem. To save our young generation from drug addiction the government and ducted people should come forward with necessary remedies. Strong measures should be taken to stop the production and trafficking of drugs. Strict watch should be kept on the borders from where drugs are smuggled in. The police and the vigilant teams should be deployed in the drug-taking place for its prevention. Sufficient clinics should be established to cure drug victims. Drug addiction is an acute problem in Bangladesh. It is a bane that causes fatal diseases. So more people, Govt. And non-Govt. agencies, conscious youth organizations should come forward to fight against it and save our young generation from its devastating effects. Drug business is punishable and the highest punishment is death sentence in Bangladesh. This law should be enforced immediately.

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Drug is an illegal substance that people take for exciting feelings. Drug addiction is, thus, a bad habit of taking harmful drugs. Wine, opium, hemp, heroine and morphine are the main drugs taken in our country. Usually, the young unemployed people get addicted to drugs to forget their frustration for a few moments. However, the after effects of drug addiction are many. It is harmful to an individual and to the whole society. Addiction gives rise to social crimes. When the addicted people cannot afford to buy drugs, they commit many kinds of social crimes like hijacking, looting, killing and robbery. The drugs again destroy a person’s physique. It harms stomach, liver and brain cells of the taker. Sometimes the addicted people suffer from deadly diseases like cancer and liver complexities. The government should take necessary steps to save young generation from further destruction. Unemployed youth should be trained to make them self-employed, so that they can get rid of drug addiction.
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