Paragraph : Deforestation


Trees are a great friend of mankind. If there is no tree in the world, there will be no man on earth. They are the most useful and beautiful gifts of nature. They give us oxygen without which no man or animal can survive. They give us food and wood. They help in maintaining ecological balance. People are now cutting down trees on a large scale. This is causing deforestation and which seriously harms our environment. It is breaking the ecological balance which is causing environmental disasters. To prevent this, we have to create mass-consciousness among the people. We have to make the people assimilated the dire consequences of deforestation. We also have to let them know the good results of forestation. The media can play a great role in doing this. We have to stop deforestation anyhow otherwise we all will have perished. If there are no trees, the chain of order in nature will break down. No man can survive in a treeless world.

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A large area of land that abounds with trees, bushes etc. is called forest and deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. Trees are useful to us in various ways: they provide us with wood and other products, they give us shade and they help to prevent drought and floods. But the third of these services of trees is the most important. To draw quick profit from trees, men cut them down in large numbers. Trees are destroyed mostly for being used as firewood. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. It leads to soil erosion and deprives us of fruit and timber and causes economic loss. So, we have to realize the bad effects of deforestation. In fact, if deforestation goes on our country will be changed into a desert. So, we have to educate our common people and to persuade them to abstain from cutting down trees, otherwise, the forests of our country will slowly disappear and we should be in great miseries.

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Deforestation means cutting down or destroying trees at random. Deforestation takes place as a result of population problem, excessive pressure on land and our callousness. Population is increasing at a high rate. These additional people need more land or settlement and cultivation. Besides, some dishonest officers of forestry department are also responsible for decreasing the percentage of trees and forests. The most serious deforestation is found in tropical countries and in the countries of the third world. However, the after-effects of deforestation are catastrophic in quality and many in number. Trees keep the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When trees are cut down callously, the amount of carbon dioxide increases. This causes global warming. As a result, the sea-level rises and it causes floods and other natural calamities. Moreover, wildlife is terribly affected. It disturbs the ecological balance. We should be conscious of the harmful effects of cutting trees. We should be conscious of the harmful effects of cutting trees. We should plant trees on both sides of roads and highways, and on wasteland to prevent deforestation.
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