Paragraph : City Life / Life in a City

City Life

The tendency of modern civilization is to give prominence to city life. All cities have good schools, colleges, and universities for imparting higher education in all branches and disciplines. The best possible medical aid and hospitals are available in the cities. A city provides for better sanitation and a good supply of pure water to the citizens. All the roads are metalled and furnished with electric light. There are better facilities for transport and communication. There are also provisions for games, sports, amusements of different kinds for the recreation of the people. Good facilities for trade, commerce, and industries are available in a city. In consideration of all these advantages, people prefer to live in a city. Most of the people living in cities are generally educated. A great many of them lead to life of comfort and luxury. But there are still a large number of day labourers and wage earners who are attracted to the cities for their earning facilities. They live mostly in slums and earn their living by the sweat of their brow. In spite of all its advantages, most cities are now in the grip of the traffic jam, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and a lot of social evils. Thus, nowadays, city life is an unenviable life.

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Now-a-days, people are more inclined to live in a city. Life in a city has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of living in a big city are many. The city dwellers enjoy certain facilities and comforts, which the villages lack. They have well-lighted streets and roads. They have transports and houses with all modern facilities. There are also fine shops here and there. They have modern hospitals for their treatment. They can have all kinds of social amusements as well. Further, they can get the best education at schools, colleges and universities. They can go to public libraries, museums, art galleries and so on to stimulate their minds. But city life has some drawbacks too. Life in a city lacks a strong bond of fellow feeling. The rapid and hectic life, the foul and smoky atmosphere often tell upon the health and shorten a man's life. Lastly, city life is more or less artificial. Most of the time real pleasure of life is absent here.
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