Paragraph : Charity


Charity is a noble human quality. It refers to making gifts to money, food, clothing or any other necessary thing for the cause of welfare of the needy. It makes our heart generous. It is an expression of love for human beings and the creation of Allah. Charity comes to mitigate the sufferings of humanity. It aims at improving the condition of the poor. Rich people who make generous gifts for removing the want, hunger, disease, and miseries of people are famous as men of charity. But charity is not counted only in terms of how much someone gives. Even a man of small income can also make charity. We should practice the habit of charity at home in our childhood. There is a well-known saying that charity begins at home. We should be sympathetic to other and inspire our children to acquire this noble virtue. Haji Mohammad Mohsin made the gift of all his wealth for the education and well being of the poor. Even a small gift can remove the sorrow of the distressed. All religions of the world encourage charity.
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