Paragraph : Canal Digging

Canal Digging

Canal digging for irrigation is a very ancient practice. The ancient Egyptians dug canals to irrigate their lands with the waters of the Nile. The water of the Ganges, the Indus, and the Euphrates were similarly used. Modern agriculture in almost all countries of the world is becoming more and more dependent on irrigation because rainfall is often uncertain and irregular. So to ensure steady agricultural production irrigation or canal digging is a must. In our country, thousands of miles of canals have been dug under the G.K. Project, Teesta Barrage Project, Mohuri Project etc. Besides these, numerous canals have been dug here and there in the country. Canals are also dug for draining out surplus rainwater. To make any canal digging project a success proper maintenance and monitoring are necessary because without them the canals get silted up making the project a failure.
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