Paragraph : Ban on Polythene

Ban on Polythene

Polythene is a light and thin plastic used for making bags or for keeping food or other things dry and fresh. Shopping bags made of polythene are very convenient and useful. But indiscriminate use of polythene bags is a serious threat to the environment. Polythene is indestructible and water and air resistant. So, used bags thrown here and there destroy the fertility of the soil by obstructing air and water. Used polybags pose serious threat to sewerage by disrupting the flow of water and filth. So indiscriminate use of polybags should be checked. To this end, production and use of polybags should remain banned. Of course, people would face a little inconvenience but this should be conceded for the greater good to the environment. But total ban on polythene would not be possible. Many dry food items and medicines are packed in polythene and this should be allowed. In place of polybags, bags of perishable material such as paper and jute should be used.
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