Paragraph : The Type of a Family I like

The Type of a Family I like

I like nuclear family. The number of members should be four. There should be only parents and two children, preferably one boy and one girl. It must be quiet. This type of family has a log of advantages. A small family has small demands, so parents can buy things according to their need. Guests are also less and so, there will be less noise. Children can prepare their lessons attentively and they have enough time to spend on TV or computer. Again they need not share their bed with guests and need not to work for them. As a whole, the members of a small family enjoy a peaceful happy life. There may be a few disadvantages such as they have no one to talk with or they do not find one to exchange views. But this problem can be overcome by a proper division of work and keeping some time for family talk. I support a nuclear family.
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