Paragraph : Teaching as a Profession

Teaching as a Profession

Teaching is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is certainly one of the noblest ones. The teacher once was called guru, always enjoyed not only the patronage but also the reverence of the state. In those days teaching was a private affair. “Teachers are the guardians of civilization”, says Bertrand Russell. The art of teaching in modern times has undergone a revolutionary change. It has become highly specialized. Formerly, the success of a teacher depended on his personal skill. But today every teacher has to take training in teaching. There are a good number of teaching methods. A teacher must know them and apply them in the classroom situation. Nowadays, teaching aids are there: A teacher, to make his lesson lively and attractive, must use various teaching materials and aids in the class. He has a lot of functions to do. He guides explain and demonstrate. He keeps his pupils awake and discovers the treasure hidden in each student. As a nation builder, his importance is no less than that of a political leader. But in our society teachers are neglected. Steps should be taken immediately to make the teaching as a profession as an honourable, dignified, and respectable one. Aristotle said, “Those who educate children are more honoured than even their parents; for these only give them life; those the art of living well.”
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