Paragraph : A Storm I Faced

A Storm I Faced

One afternoon, in the month of April 2006, I started for home after finished my class. I arrived at the Kaligira gudara ghat to cross the river, Sugandha by boat. The river was calm and quiet. The weather was also fair. I and some other passengers were on a dingi boat. The maji (boatman) started to playing the boat for Kumarkhali. We were about in the middle of the river. Suddenly black clouds hovered in the sky. The weather become dreadful within a moment. Hot air blew for a few seconds and then raised storm furiously like an evil spirit. It was combined with heavy rain, thunder and lighting. We were greatly frightened. We were calling the Almighty Allah for saving us from the terrible storm. The boatman tried to save his boat and us from the rising waves and heavy wind. At the moment, a mountain like great wave pushed our boat on the other bank of the river within a moment. It was so fearful that I lost my conscious. When I regain my consciousness, I found myself in a hospital with my family members, friends and relatives. The rescue ambulance of Bangladesh coastal guard rescued and brought me there. I appreciated and prayed to the Almighty for His help though it destroyed many boat and launches. It was horrifying experience in my life. I will never forget the time and the place of the storm.

Same composition collected from another book

I faced a terrible storm last year. It was the month of April. The day was very hot. I was walking on a village footpath. My destination was Bagharpara Upazila of Jessore. I started my journey at 10 a. m. The way was 10 kilometres. When I was walking away from my starting place, a dark piece of black cloud covered the northern side of the sky. Within an hour the cloud turned a violent form. Rain was impending. Nobody was with me. As I was only 16 years old, I was very afraid of the sight. The storm was brewing. It took the form of a violent nor-wester. Thunderstorm was following it. I took shelter in a thatched house. Many people were with me. Storm was blowing at a speed of more than 100 kilometres. The house was shaking. Some Muslims were giving 'Azan'. Suddenly a blast of wind blew off a part of the roof. It was a very terrible thing. The northwester blew off the roofs of many houses. Sometimes, the gusty wind was blowing in such a way that nothing was seen. Nearly within half an hour, the devastating northwester damaged trees, houses and crops. Many people were injured (R) in the storm. I experienced the storm awfully (ভয়ঙ্করভাবে). I cannot forget this terrible (ভয়ানক) northwester (কালবৈশাখী). I always try to shake off that fearful experience, but I cannot do it. It comes to my memory again and again.
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