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My Likings

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It is interesting to me to reflect on what I like and what I dislike. The likes of a person mark him off from others. The likes show whether the person is governed by emotions or not. They also show the inner self. I have many likings and dislikings. These likings and dislikings give me both pleasure and pain. Pleasures do not last long. Soon life becomes dull and boring. Then come pains. My first liking is tea. Tea is my best companion. My likings range from tea to passing time in idleness. I like to read books. All sorts of books can give me pleasure. I pass hours after hours reading books. I am a bit unsocial so. I find that books are to my windows in the outer world. They give me everything. They teach me everything. Books are an indispensable part. To talk to my friends is my other liking. Though I am naturally shy still I like to talk to my favourite friends. Spending hours with them, talking about everything or talking not at all – are the greatest joy of my life. When darkness eclipses my mind, I go and seek my friends. It is not possible to like all the things in the world. I dislike the narrow-minded people. I dislike the intolerable traffic jam, the ever-increasing terrorism, the heavy loss of lives and so on. I also do not want to meet new people or see new faces. Still, I am happy with the troubles I have – I don’t want to enlarge them. My likings and dislikings are all a part and parcel of my life.

Same composition collected from another book

I have a liking for a lot of things. I am very much careful of eating, wearing (পরিধান করা ), reading, travelling and other matters (বিষয় ). Generally (সাধারণত ), I like to eat rice, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Sometimes, I take rich foods like polao, biriani, chicken roast, etc. I like to visit the Chinese and Thai hotels for taking different kinds of soup. I have special taste for wearing. I like light-coloured shirts and blue-coloured pants. During winter I put on a long ash-coloured coat. I also wear a three-piece suit. I do not forget to wear a tie with the suit. I like the songs of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam. I also like folk and modern songs. My favourite singers are Abdul Alim and Sabina Yeasmin. Moreover, I like to listen to the modern songs sung by Manna Dey and Sandha Mukherjee. Reading books is my favourite hobby. Whenever I get time, I try to read the works of William Shakespeare, Sarat Chandra and Bankim Chandra. I also enjoy reading the poems of Rabindranath Tagore, Shamsur Rahman and T.S Eliot. I also regularly read the newspapers and magazines. I like travelling. I like to enjoy the beauty of nature. So when I get enough time, I go out of my home and visit the hills and forests with a view to enjoying the scenic beauty of nature. I always travel by boat to enjoy the beauty of nature. Sometimes, I visit the sea beach of Cox's-bazar. I walk along the beach in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. I like to visit my friends, well-wishers and relatives whenever I get time and scope. When I do not get ample time, I do not visit them. I use my facebook with a view to communicating (যোগাযোগ করা) with them.
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