Paragraph : Mournful Songs

Mournful Songs

↬ Melancholy songs

The appeal of a melancholy song is universal and everlasting. Romantic poet Shelley in his poem about a Skylark says, “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of the saddest thought.” In fact, melancholy songs can touch our heart very easily. Most of the people in the world and more or less sad. When a person hears a melancholy song he tries to find his sadness in the song and thus the song creates an appeal in his mind. Melancholy songs make a melancholy person more melancholic but it helps to perceive his melancholy. Melancholy songs have longer appeal over the hearer’s mind. We generally enjoy a metal song but perceive a melancholy song. The words of a melancholy song tell about losing and missing as well as the pain thereof. The music of it is slower and sweeter. Sometimes in a melancholy song, a background melancholy music of the flute or violin is added to increase the melancholic expression. In Bangla the melancholic songs are found in Rabindra Sangit and in Nazrul Sangit. We also find the touch of losing and missing in our Palligeeti. There are some people who only hear melancholy songs but it is not fair. We should hear melancholy songs and also hopeful songs as our life is made up of both sorrow and joy.
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