Paragraph : May Day

May Day

May Day is an international holiday of working people. In the year 1886 in the month of May, the workers in the American city of Chicago who were groaning under the pangs of exploitation raised slogans for their recognition as men. This movement demanded a time limit for work and other basic facilities of the workers so that they could live as human beings. This was no doubt a moral blow to the wealthy class. In consequence, the streets of Chicago city were red with the warm blood of the workers. The capitalist government and its agent adopted every possible means to choke the voice of the workers. The leaders of the workers were hanged. But the undaunted workers came out successful in sacrificing their lives. The demand for eight hours working time instead of twelve or thirteen hours was accepted and they were provided with some amenities of life. May Day has been a symbol for workers all over the world. May Day is a spirit of international brotherhood and unity of the workers. On May Day, all workers should be united to march on the path of progress and happiness.

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