Paragraph : Loneliness


Loneliness is the state of being alone. A man who lives without any companion is called a lonely man. Loneliness has its blessings and curses. It is a blessing for those who want to keep themselves isolated. Those who also want to pray meditatively, want to be lonely. Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) kept himself isolated in thought in the lonely cave of Hera of long days and realized that the beautiful world has been made by Almighty Allah. Poets and philosophers also need loneliness to create great work. They do not like the crowd. But it is the curse to those who do not like loneliness. Because the life of a man without a company is like the life of the beast. To the average people, the crowd is a must. Because in loneliness there is no love and affection. And without love and affection, human life is impossible. So, continuous loneliness should be avoided.
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