Paragraph : Life vs City Life

Life vs City Life

The study of country life versus city life is an interesting study. ‘Man-made the town and God made the country’ – is an old saying. A country life is the most desirable if we seek peace. A country life means to live in the villages. It has no din and bustle that we always find in town life. By city life, we mean to live in the towns. Here people are always busy with their own affairs and never get any time to turn to others. Country life has many advantages as well as disadvantages. The country life never breeds enmity between man and man. There is a harmonious co-existence. One can enjoy the beauties of nature. He can also sing with the warbling of the birds. The village life is very simple and free from cares and anxieties of the world. But there is a lack of health and education facilities. Most of the village people are poor as very have very limited source of income. Communication system is also not good. On the other hand, city life has many advantages. Here one can get all the amenities of modern life. There are schools, colleges, universities, engineering and medical schools in towns. All the facilities are available there. There are scopes for trade, commerce and business. More people can get employment opportunities as there are industries. They get ample sources of care. So, the standard of living is higher. But the town life has many disadvantages. Here people are more or less selfish. Various pollutions pollute the town. Vehicles ply constantly here. Both the lives have their own merits and demerits. But if we think clearly, we shall find the village more charming and enjoyable. Notwithstanding, we have to remember that we cannot go with one without the other.
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