Paragraph : Housing


A house is a place where a man lives. A house can be used for other purposes but usually, housing means to provide dwelling place to men. Housing is one of the fundamental needs of men. A man needs a house to live in. We live in house in order to protect ourselves from heat and cold. Houses also protect us from rain and storm. Some people need houses to protect themselves from floods and wild animals as well. Houses keep us comfortable and happy. But the irony is that a large number of people of Bangladesh have no house of their own. The first thing is money that is needed to build a house. But the greater part of our people are poor and many of them have not money to build houses to live in. Moreover, many poor people are landless. On an average six people live in a house. It is extremely harmful to people’s health to live in a crowded room. Housing problem is the burning problem for the people Bangladesh and the government should keep their eyes on this problem.
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