Paragraph : Education for Underprivileged Children

Education for Underprivileged Children

The children who live under the poverty line are the underprivileged children. They do not get enough food. They have to live under the open sky. They are deprived of education and health care. Confusion and fear are their constant companions. They come from the poorest section of our impoverished society. Their poverty-stricken parents are not in a position to take care of them. They are left with no alternative but to look for some work to maintain themselves. They are being generally exploited and repressed easily. They have to do many hazardous jobs. There are no definite work-hours for them. They work as lathe machine operators. They work in cigarette factories and garments factories. They work in a dangerous environment and get minimum wages. These cause irreparable damages to their physical and mental development. These deprived children require a special type of education. Education is an inborn right of every child on earth. As the formal education is costly the poor cannot education should be introduced for them. Vocational training up to a certain age is required. The government can play a vital role in this regard. The government of Bangladesh has formulated the plan of action covering the major areas of intervention. These include child labour policy, social security, and rehabilitation of the working children, creating opportunities by providing formal and non-formal education as well as vocational training. All-out efforts should be made to ensure appropriate education for the underprivileged children so as to enable them to become worthy citizens of the state.
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