Paragraph : E-Commerce


E-commerce is the short name for electronic commerce. It means business transaction through the internet, telephone, credit card etc. without the help of cheque or physical payment of money on the part of the buyer. The money is paid by the bank or company. It is the most modern method of transaction and is in practice in the developed countries of the world. Any information regarding the price, availability, and quality of the goods is transmitted through the internet and telephone. Thus E-commerce facilitates business transaction without the trouble and risk of carrying money physically. In our country attempt is being made to introduce it in big cities. E-commerce is especially convenient in import and export business. An importer in one country can know about a commodity he wishes to import from another country and order for it through the internet without being physically present there. He may even see the commodity on the screen and be sure of its quality. Thus money, labour and time are saved in the transaction through the E-commerce system.
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