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Paragraph : A Boat Journey

A Boat Journey

We started our journey by boat in the morning on Friday last. The gentle morning breeze welcomed us when we stepped into the boat. The sights on either side of the river were very charming and these were, as if, a feast for our eyes. Our mind leaped in joy when we saw the vast green paddy-fields touching the horizon. Birds were flying over our head now and then. Fishermen were at work here and there. We saw some boats big and small sailing up and down the river. When a steamer passed by, it caused big waves, and all the boats nearby were tossed violently. At the bathing ghats, men and women were bathing and children were swimming about. This touch of life added a beauty to the river. But the river become loveliest in the evening when the waves danced and sparkled under the crimson rays of the setting sun. We recalled the poetic line of Keats.

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