Paragraph : An idle brain is the devil’s workshop

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop

Human brain never remains vacant. It always works on some thoughts or others. The thoughts that occupy a man’s brain guide him to action. If these thoughts are good, the man performs good deeds. But if evil thoughts capture his brain, he bound to tread the path of the evil. The evil thoughts are the incarnation of the devil. When the brain is not filled with good thoughts and it becomes idle with no thought to work upon, evil thoughts crowd into the brain as it can never remain idle. Thus keeping the brain idle is very dangerous. The man who keeps his brain idle paves the way for all sorts of mischievous and devilish ideas to crowd into it. When such ideas turn round and round in his brain it becomes a workshop of the devil and the man virtually becomes the devil’s agent. These ideas instigate the man to go about doing all kinds of misdeeds which not only bring about his own ruin but also spell disaster in the society. Thus we should invariably keep our brain filled with noble thoughts; otherwise, it will become idle and give way to evil thoughts which will induce us to undertake evil programmes.
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