Paragraph : All that glitters are not gold

All that glitters are not gold

A thing cannot become as precious as gold only by way of glittering. People, in general, are charmed and attracted by the outward show of things and not by their own merits. Gold is a bright precious metal and its value is recognized by all. Nevertheless, there are many metals cheaper than gold but look like it. They glitter for some time and fade in the course of time. They fascinate our eyes too. But their beauty and glamour do not last long. But gold is such a metal that it can stand the wear and tear of time and shine till the last moment of its existence. In our society, there are so many people who are outwardly very gentle and nice. But after a period of time, their real identity is revealed. They do not have intrinsic value and morality. A genuine thing always remains the same and never be showy. So all that glitters is not gold.
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