Report on load shedding

Write a report on massive ‘Load-shedding’ in Dhaka City. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of the Daily Star. Power supply fairs frequently and Load-shedding occurs in your city. Now, write a report on Load-shedding mentioning the sufferings of the people. 

Star Report-

Mustafa Kamal, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, May 15 : It has been noticed that load-shedding has become a regular affair at Shyampur area. Day by day the situation is worsening. Last week, the people of this area had to endure the sufferings of load-shedding 10-15 times daily. Due to load-shedding, production in mills and factories in this area is decreasing to a great extent. 

It is also disturbing the study of the students greatly. Their sufferings beggar description. Moreover, load-shedding at nights is encouraging the local miscreants in their violent works. 

So, the concerned authority should take immediate steps to stop it. Otherwise, agitated mob can create an unexpected situation.
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