Report on fire incident that caused great havoc and burnt huge property

Imagine, you are a local correspondent of The Daily News Today in Nilphamari. A serious fire incident that caused a great havoc and burnt huge property. Now, write a report on the incident. 

Today report –

Local Correspondent, NILPHAMARI, March 22 : Cash money, domestic animal, paddy, rice, tobacco, furniture and 18 houses of 4 families have been burnt into ashes. Primarily it was known and estimated the damage is more than taka 25 lakhs. 

The drastic fire has been originated from the kitchen of one Abdar Ali of Momin Tuli village of Khuta Mara Union Parishad under Jaldhaka Upazilla at dead night on 14 March. During the fire all the people of households were in deep asleep. The people came to aware the fire when fire surrounded the whole area. 

The fire lasts for about two hours. Total three cattle, 26 corrugated (tin sheet) houses, 120 domestic fowls, 250 mounds paddy, 200 mounds rice, 75 mounds tobacco of Abdar Ali Kalimuddin, Afsar Ali and Abbas Ali have been gutted. 

On the other hand, one lakh taka cash money which was drowned from Bank for treatment of sick Abdar Ali in abroad also burnt into ashes. 

The fire brigade of Nilphamari able to control the fire after two hour. The Victims are passing their miserable days under open air and so for on relief reach there.
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