Report on cultural festival

Suppose, you have attended a cultural festival in Rangpur town where people from all walks of life have come to visit. You have been asked to write a report on it. 


Tanzila Sarker, RANGPUR, December 9 : Rangpur town wore a festive look on 6th December, People from all walks of life, especially the youth came out on the roads to celebrate the ‘Rangpur Cultural Festival-2013’. 

In this connection, a three days long programme was chalked out by the Fetival Celebration Committee. The programme included colourful rally, discussion, traditional inland sports like ha-du-du, lathikhela, dariabandha, vawayia song, jarigan, baul sangeet, padma puran pala gan, staging of dramas and distribution of prizes. 

A famous academician and retired principal, Mostafa Mortuza Bin Hossain Khondoker and a renowned cultural personality, Khairul Alam Sabuz jointly inaugurated the ‘Festival’, in the presence of a large number of people of the locality at Municipality premses. Reputed literature of the country Syed Shamsul Haque was also present at the inaugural function. 

Nattyakendra, a leading cultural organization of Dhaka staged a drama on the first day of the celebration. Almost everyday evening at least one drama was staged for entertaining the audience. A large number of people in the locality, thronged every day at the festival and enjoyed all the programmes.
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